Staff at Cornerstone

cornerstone-calum-jackCalum Jack

Calum was born and brought up in the Highlands of Scotland. He studied Engineering and then followed a call that led him firstly into student ministry with IFES / UCCF in Poland and the UK for 7 years, then to train as a Presbyterian Minister. He led, under God, a flourishing parish church for 10 years before helping found and lead Cornerstone Community Church in 2015.

Calum’s principle interests are in church growth by helping people become Christians and systematic exposition of the Scriptures.

Calum and Moira-Anne married in 1998 and they have three children. He enjoys family time, running, gadgets, movies and time with anyone who will chat to him (usually in the Burgh Coffee House!).


cornerstone-lynne-eastonLynne Easton

Lynne is the fellowship's administrator who works two days a week (Tuesday and Friday).

Born in Northern Ireland, she studied Speech and Language Therapy in Glasgow before getting married and moving to Stirling with her husband Scott. They have two children.

She has worked in church administration since 2010.


cornerstone-esther-dicksonEsther Dickson

Esther grew up in Aberdeen, studied psychology at St. Andrews, and is now doing a church apprenticeship with Cornerstone. This will involve studying at the Cornhill Training Course in Glasgow two days a week as well as practically serving the church family in Stirling.

She loves people and helping those with no faith explore who Jesus is, preferably with a pot of tea nearby!